Secondary School YPEC 2022

SS10 – Passenger Monitoring System for Public Transport

Nowadays, we have different apps like “CitybusNWFB ” which estimates the arrival time of different bus routes for each bus station. However, it doesn’t estimate and display the actual number of passengers on the bus arriving at the station. Sometimes, passengers have to wait for a long time but cannot get on the bus during peak hours. Hence, we believe that the function of the app is not comprehensive enough. Moreover, the opposite situation where there are a lot of buses but with a few passengers occurs during other times of the day. It shows that the efficiency and planning of bus routes have room for improvement. Therefore, we decided to make a system to estimate the number of passengers on the arriving bus so that people can see whether the buses are crowded or not and whether to choose another transport to save time. Also, the bus company can collect people’s flow data from the system. They can make market analysis like which place has the most passengers and adjust their market policies like increasing the frequency of that popular bus route. This helps them increase revenue and reduce costs, and also improve the on road efficiency of that region.