Secondary School YPEC 2022

SS09 – Trolley for Better Life

Our invention is designed to help the older generations or any person in need to carry heavy items with wheeled carriers such as trolleys. The power assist system will attach to the handle and the wheel axle and aid in moving the carrier. The system will only intelligently aid the carrier but not will boost the carrier to exceed the speed of the user. With the aid of our invention, the older generations can easily lift the carriers on the stairs or accelerate them to a faster velocity. This control is merged seamlessly by pulling the handle as usual. In our design, pressure sensors and accelerometers are used to detect the need for assistance. A geared electric motor is attached to the wheel axle to drive the wheels. Upon obstacles, the geared motor will help drive the wheels and therefore help the users to move the trolley against the obstacles. The “Trolley” is designed to be lightweight and widely applicable to different carriers. Hence, the footprint of the whole system is targeted to be small, compact, and lightweight.