Secondary School YPEC 2022

SS07 – Acredemic-chain

According to the 2019 HireRight Asia-Pacific Employment Screening Benchmark Report, 20.8% of job seekers provided fake academic qualifications to employers in Hong Kong. To tackle this serious problem, we developed Acredemic-chain, a blockchain platform for employers to check whether job seekers’ qualifications are real or not. The issuer will issue certificates or qualifications to holders. Blockchains are difficult to be tampered with, which makes our platform more secure and reliable. The employer(verifier) can thus verify the integrity of job seekers’ qualifications. The working environment of Hong Kong will be more trustworthy and fair. Besides, workers will be able to complete their tasks more efficiently since they have the necessary qualifications. Acredemic-chain is a web-based application. We used Javascript and HTML for the front end, and Javascript, node.js and the crypto-js library for the back end blockchain system. We have invited potential users from various fields to test Acredemic-chain, from educators and students to employers. Many were satisfied with the functions provided, and agreed that it could help tackle the problem of forged certificates or false qualifications, raising the overall integrity of Hong Kong’s labor.