Secondary School YPEC 2022

SS05 – Propulsion Generation Energy Carpet

Energy is important in daily life. We will encounter a lot of problems if there is a shortage of energy. Therefore, it is significant to find an alternative that is inexhaustible and cheaper than renewable energy. Coincidently, there is an activity we do every day, and that is walking. In order to solve the problem, a Propulsion Generation Energy Carpet is our choice, just as its name implies, it is a carpet that can convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. We can collect kinetic energy when people walk on it, especially effective in crowded places, like shopping centers or schools. On the carpet, there is a piezo transducer which produces unidirectional current by restoring the shape through pressure and the bridge rectifier. Also, there is a capacitor to store electrical energy. When we are walking, different colors of the battery light will be shown to indicate the amount of electrical energy stored. When the light is on the highest level, the 1.5V battery is fully charged. In summary, this carpet can produce energy while people walk on it.