Secondary School YPEC 2022

SS03 – AI Cow’s Shield

We found that garbage bins in the suburbs were often full. This caused many cows foraging in the bins and they got sick or died after eating garbage. Therefore, we hope our design can solve the following problems: 1. Preventing cows from foraging in garbage bins. 2. Increasing the frequency of emptying suburban bins to avoid garbage being placed outside the bins. The “AI cow’s shield” is a smart suburban garbage bin including three main functions: 1. Prevent cows from foraging in the bins. The artificial intelligence camera connects to the buzzer. When cows approach the bins, the buzzer emits sound which drives the animals away. Meanwhile the bins are locked to prevent them from being overturned, and the garbage does not fall out. 2. Notify cleaners to collect garbage. The ultrasonic sensor gives cleaners information on how full the bins are. When the bins are nearly full, notifications will be sent to cleaners so they will empty them soon. 3. Conduct statistics on garbage collection in each district. With use of the Internet of Things, occupancy rates of the bins are recorded. Cleaners can monitor the garbage capacity in real time and formulate solutions to any problems detected.