Secondary School YPEC 2022

SS01 – Youth Emotion Relief Device

Because of insufficient manpower of social workers, it is difficult for schools to identify students with emotional problems earlier. To solve the problem, we invented a device called “Youth Emotion Relief Device”, which is composed of different hardware such as Raspberry Pi 4, web camera, aroma diffuser, RFID detector etc. The device identifies the emotions of students by artificial intelligence technology, and uses music therapy, lighting therapy and aromatherapy to help them relieve their emotions. Social workers may find out students who need to take the initiative to care based on the record of using the system. The device has advantages as follows: The device is operated automatically, so social workers and teachers need not worry about that they will be confused by operation of the device The device can help social workers and teachers deal with youths with less severe emotional problems, allowing them to spend more time dealing with youths with more severe emotional problems The device is available in our school counseling room and students participated in the use of the device found that using the device before the examination can help them release their nervousness.