Sub-Degree YPEC 2022

SD15 – Smart Trash Can Robot

In January of 2022, the Hong Kong government conducted the first-time restriction-testing declaration in Kwai Chung Estate as COVID-19. All the refuse cannot be cleaned and accumulated. It affected the hygiene and inhabitant’s health. In this situation, we want the trash can autonomously to collect the garbage by retrofitting the trash can to increase numerous features. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) path following the design of the mobile robot, Internet of Thing (IoT) application calling system and fill-level monitor detection. AI path following design was utilized to make the trash can cruise the path on the floor to collect garbage for every unit. If the inhabitants would like to throw rubbish again or throw it at a non-specific time, they can call the trash can through the application with IoT. Also, when the ultrasonic sensor detected the trash can reaching full, it will send out a message to remind the workers to clear the trash cans. This product can help different households to throw trash more conveniently and reduce the human resource for handling the garbage. Moreover, it can use in the restriction-testing declaration to solve the manpower problems of waste progressing under the high risk of COVID-19.