Sub-Degree YPEC 2022

SD13 – Smart Carbon-neutral City System

One of the great ironies of climate change is that as the planet warms, the technology people need to keep cool will only make the climate hotter. There will have 4.5 billion air conditioners by 2050. The World Economic Forum calculates that by the end of the century, greenhouse gas emissions from air conditioning will cause global temperatures to rise by 0.5 degrees Celsius, so we have developed a smart air conditioning system. This system uses a microprocessor “ESP 32”, infrared emission technology and infrared sensors to create an intelligent system that can make any air-conditioning system intelligent. Real-time information from the system devices in different locations is sent to a server, which in turn sends it to the mobile app and website, displaying real-time temperature, humidity and air quality data, so that the user can contribute to the environment. In addition, it can also activate the auto-sensing function to turn on and off the air conditioner depending on whether the environment is occupied or not, reducing energy wastage in an unoccupied environment. The intelligent air-conditioning system switches the air-conditioner on and off at a very energy-efficient temperature of 25 degrees each time.