Sub-Degree YPEC 2022

SD11 – BIM – BMS based Continuous On-line Monitoring for Building

In modern world, electricity has always been a necessity in our daily life. From cellphones’ communication to residential buildings, electricity plays an important role leading to more creation of smart devices. Though there are more intelligent devices added in the power systems for better control, blackout becomes unacceptable to the grid system. We have seen blackout due to power failure in Taiwan which has aroused social concern in the power stability. In 2022 March 3, it has affected over 5.49 million residents across 12 hours. The direct cause was the incompetence in operating a switchgear from an employee at Hsinta Power Plant in Kaohsiung. It was the third accident in the past nine months from the record. The malfunction triggered major power outages in the southern part of Taiwan. Moreover, the lack of outage prevention undermined the reliability of the power network. The combination of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Building Management System (BMS) has the potential to become a suitable standardized continuous online monitoring system for buildings, thus solves the problem of insufficient building information in delivery. BIM also visualizes fault components in building power network, allows the asset management systems to monitor the safety of the power network.