Sub-Degree YPEC 2022

SD10 – SOWER – Novel solution for transform of solar car

SOWER, a brand-new engineering startup company in Hong Kong, currently received the seed funding from the VTC Innovation and Technology Co-creation Centre powered by Dorsett Hospitality International – Gold Award, Innovation Award & Seed Fund 21/22, and received offer of ideation programme from the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation. Team members are alumni from VTC Solar Car team, which developed solar cars running 3000km in Australia in the renowned international solar car competition – World Solar Challenge. We aim to accelerate net-zero carbon emissions through green transportation and renewable energy. Government announced the Hong Kong Roadmap on Popularization of Electric Vehicles and setting out the long-term policy objectives and plans to promote the adoption and supporting facilities of electric vehicles in Hong Kong. SOWER, is an epoch-making solution that performs as a key to secure the use of solar energy on electric vehicles and achieve green sustainability in Greater Bay Area. The prototype is provided for further testing and help to deal with the battery barriers from customers. The High-Gain DC-DC Maximum Power Point Tracking technology is used to combine the low-voltage solar panels and high-voltage battery system. As a result, Mini-Mobile Solar Mileages are formed in Hong Kong.