Sub-Degree YPEC 2022

SD08 – Magnet power generation in building services

This system utilizes the essential equipment of the building, such as the water pump motor, to convert part of the mechanical energy into electrical energy and store it for use. The system’s volume is smaller than the traditional flywheel system and low noise, which is suitable for urbanized areas. The power generation rate is higher than solar panels. This system reuses the old 12V batteries of electric vehicles to provide a way to battery Second Life in urbanized areas Reducing the environmental impact of battery disposal. We all know that burning natural gas to generate electricity is not zero-emission. However, this system can generate sustainable green energy, help to reduce the use of fossil fuels in power plants to generate electricity and reduce carbon emissions. Provide a part of the DC load for the building to reduce electricity costs. The excess power can be converted to AC and sold to the power company to maintain the system’s daily repair and maintenance costs.