Sub-Degree YPEC 2022

SD07 – Cloud Smart Elderly Health Management Assistant

With age, the physical condition of the elderly requires long-term monitoring. The vital signs monitors on the market can only display the latest measurement result in real time, which does not meet the needs of the users. The target users of our team’s solution “Cloud Smart Elderly Health Management Assistant” are the elderly who requires long-term health monitoring, their families and clinics. The system connects various vital signs monitors through IoT technology, reads and uploads measurement data to the cloud platform in real time for physical condition analysis, pathological prediction, and then integrates into a simple and easy-to-understand report for seven-year storage on blockchain. It also automatically sent the result to the family members and the clinics. One account can store the data of multiple elders, so the system is suitable for clinics and also the home users without medical knowledge to save time-consuming procedures such as consultation and copying of medical records. Based on the immutable characteristics of the blockchain, it can ensure the accuracy of the data and is suitable for hospital clusters to share the data. Medical institutions and universities can make use of a large amount of elderly data to further study the common constitution of the elderly in Hong Kong, the incidence of different diseases, etc., and promote the development of medical equipment, the development and research of new drugs.