Sub-Degree YPEC 2022

SD06 – iShare Support Donation Platform

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the disadvantaged students do not have a PC, notebook, or even internet connection for online lessons. Traditional old PC donation campaigns are not effective and not scalable. Our team adopt the idea of the sharing economy and decentralize the donation process to develop the iShare donation platform. It makes use of Azure Cognitive services to match donors, students, and volunteers quickly with AI. HOW DO AZURE COGNITIVE SERVICES HELP ISHARE? Problem 1: Donors and Students Matching iShare prioritizes the donation to the worst condition students and we make use of Text Analytics to analyze each student case. Problem 2: Abuse Case Students must provide a student identity card and endorse a teacher as a verifier. Form Recognizer extracts basic information from their ID card and their face is indexed for face verification and abuse detection. Problem 3: Lack of manpower Content Moderator and Computer Vision are used for the review of all texts and images contents. Users cannot share any potential offensive and unwanted content. QnA Maker can answer users’ questions anytime. Translator makes sure donors, students and volunteers can communicate in different languages. Problem 4: KPI? After the donation, the student needs to write a thanks message to the donor and those messages are analyzed by Text Analytics as well.