Sub-Degree YPEC 2022

SD05 – Early-stage Depression Screening and Monitoring System with Multi-modal NLP Analytics

Depression is a stealthy worldwide health hazard with its consequences well under-estimated. Every year millions of people worldwide are suffering from different forms of depression and their connected illnesses. The key barrier to early detection of depression is the lack of a good supporting tool for frontline counsellors to screen out patients with depression symptoms. To solve this problem effectively, our team is commissioned to develop an AI-based online depression screening and monitoring system. The system will analyze the voice, sentiment, and speech in the conversations through its deep learning models trained with massive dialogue data. It not only provides in-depth NLP analytics and insights for counsellors or physiotherapists to spot the causes of depression and potential suicide intent, but can also track and report patients’ mental health at all times. The system also supports direct connection by conference applications like Zoom and is designed with a workflow for seamless adoption by counselling service operators or clinical professionals. With its support, depression screening at a mass scale is becoming possible and can generate a huge positive impact on people’s mental health in society.