Sub-Degree YPEC 2022

SD03 – Intellectual Social Scanning and Analytics platform

Social media platforms such as Twitter have become a vital stage nowadays, and people can express their opinions on their concerning social issues and current affairs through Social Media platforms. Thus, social media platforms contain massive raw data that can be used to analyse their view on current affairs. Therefore, this platform will manage people’s opinions scientifically and systematically under Artificial Intelligence frameworks and Natural Language Processing approaches. In this Analytic platform, serval analytics directions are applied to this platform to discover some hidden patterns and knowledge. The platform will display serval statistical outcomes and dashboards for stakeholders to understand the people’s attitude toward particular social issues or affairs. The platform also classifies similar keywords and content to understand the people’s concerns in current social issues or matters. Furthermore, the platform also intellectually detects the potential topic and social worries in future. These outcomes provide innovative insight and honest feedback to Governments and news media when citizens suffer specific social issues or critical affairs.