Sub-Degree YPEC 2022

SD02 – StreamingHub

Nowadays, with the advance of science and technology, especially for the popularity in 5G high speed mobile network, most people like watching live broadcasts, going online shopping and etc with their smartphones. Among these, live broadcast is especially having great potential in current market and futures market. Recently, there are various live streaming applications choices in app store or google play store. Despite the convenience, some people are still facing problems such as unclear information when buying products from broadcasters or having a poor application experience. For instance, lack interactions between users and broadcasters except the verbal communication. In the era of information explosion and free world, nowadays people only focus on something they are really interested in, which is, something that can catch their eyes.   The team conducted research on various live streaming applications on the reference market. To improve the interestingness and interactivity, the team developed a mobile live-streaming solution for improving the viewing quality and interactive cycle of the anchor and viewers. The system made use of facial scanners to scan the host’s expressions or actions, added virtual emoticons to express the host’s emotions, and dynamic images to the interactive chat function.