Sub-Degree YPEC 2022

SD01 – PresentAR – Interactive Experience and Presentation Authoring Tools

Augmented reality technologies enhance people’s perception of the real-world by incorporating virtual graphics into real-world scenes. This powerful way to augment a scene is to blend dynamic graphics with live action footage of real people performing could strongly boost user’s experience, for example, using AR technology in storytelling.   Due to COVID-19, people use more video-conferencing, virtual presentation and online product unveiling events. Plus the gaining in popularity in live streaming, the team explored ways to enhance these presentations with interactive graphics to create a powerful new storytelling environment.   The PresentAR system, powered by body tracking AI through a single lens camera, leverages humans to interact directly with graphical elements. Taking references to STEM creation tools, the team created a mobile application that enables users to create an interactive storytelling experience without coding.   This app provides the best storytelling experience including allowing users directly interact with the objects in the presentation. In addition to human posture, the app also supports hand gesture recognition, voice control and other natural input, so that users can express in a more natural and smooth way. The team believe that such AR persentations could capture the curiosity and attention of the audience.