Postgraduate YPEC 2022

PG05 – A self-resonant Curved Surface Wireless Power Transfer System with Nanocrystalline Ribbon Cores

The self-resonant wireless power transfer(WPT) system has attracted the attention of both industry and scientists which eliminate the use of bulk compensation capacitors. Numerous works have been done most focusing on the system with a low power scale and high operating frequencies at megahertz. In this project, six multi-layer, self-resonant WPT wireless coil pads with different dielectrics are designed with the new structure magnetic materials. The nanocrystalline flake ribbon core is applied to this system instead of the conventional ferrite bars for its high saturation flux and low power loss. The double-D pads coupled with nanocrystalline cores are experimentally validated with curved surfaces to extend the range for various applications. The aim of this project aims to present a low operating frequency and high-power capacitor-free WPT system. The analysis of integrated compensation capacitance, and inductance is present and finite element analysis(FEA) is applied for the comparison of dielectric materials, polypropylene and polyimide. The project achieves a 360W self-resonant WPT system at the operating frequency of around 80kHz with 82% efficiency to transfer power with an air gap of 120mm.