Postgraduate YPEC 2022

PG04 – A Novel Control System for Renewable Energy Integration and Microgrids

A new control system to coordinate renewable energy sources, power electronic devices and microturbines is developed. By making use of power electronics, our system can provide stable load voltage and frequency regulation under large renewable energy fluctuations. Moreover, comparing to existing methods, the accuracy of power sharing among inverters is greatly improved to avoid the overloading problem of inverters. Furthermore, our system is capable to operate in islanding mode. Even when the main grid collapses, our system can continuously operate the local power network as an islanded microgrid to provide stable electricity supply to customer. Our invention facilitates the renewable energy integration by reducing the fluctuation caused by renewable energy. Furthermore, it has great potential to be used in places that the electricity supply from the main grid is not secure or places that the main grid cannot reach, e.g., the remote villages or islands. The effectiveness of the new control system is experimentally validated. Relevant results are accepted in an international conference.