Open YPEC 2022

ON09 – ADA, the Airport Demand Analyser

We integrate airport data and deliver insights as a service Aviation is a data-driven industry. With the vast amount of data generated everyday, how do airports use the information to help answer questions like: – Which are the quiet days for each of my terminals when I shall optimize energy consumption? – What are the punctuality patterns at my airport to help understand the operation bottlenecks? – How can I optimize my stand utilization to delay or reduce capital investment? – What would the emissions reduction be if I implement SAF in 20% of my regional flights? As natural integrators, we have created ADA to extract value from the database more precise and effectively. ADA networks various data sets, including airports design capacities, real traffic profiles, number of runways, terminals, stands, airlines, destinations, etc. to generate and evaluate options interactively. We provide key insights into efficiency of operations and infrastructure use such as seasonality by airports, peak hour utilization, infrastructure performance, actual passengers versus declared capacity to minimize capital works and optimize operations with current assets. Our ambition is to revolutionize the way airport is planned and operated to make full use of data and digital approach.