Open YPEC 2022

ON08 – Smart Depot Management System

With the goal of enhancing depot operation efficiency and reducing human error, our total solution is developed to enable smart depot management. It consists of Smart Train Location System, for detection of real-time stabling train location and train consist; Depot Operation Management System, for Digitalisation of depot operation process; and Depot Digital Map, for all-in-one display of essential depot operation information. Currently stabling train location and train consist, and the corresponding depot activities on each train and each track are recorded manually on a magnetic whiteboard by Depot Control Centre with the aid of multiple radio communications and physical work request forms from various working parties. Smart Train Location System utilises RFID technology to automatically capture the stabling train location and train consist information in real-time while the Depot Operation Management System turns physical work request forms into E-forms and E-workflows. Depot Digital Map then be the integrated, user-friendly front-end interface to show the overall picture of what is happening in the depot. Wrong record on the whiteboard due to miscommunication can be mitigated and time for repetitive and tedious work can be minimized. Overall, the implementation optimized resources allocation and enabled more focus on excelling depot management and planning.