Open YPEC 2022

ON06 – Train Crew Information Dissemination System (TCIDS)

A high level of safety is critical to delivering a modern and reliable transportation service to the community. In rare cases of temporary traffic arrangement or traffic incident, train operations will fall back to Restricted Manual mode, under which the Train Captain safeguards the safety of the train. The Train Crew Information Dissemination System (TCIDS) benefits Train Captains in identifying potential dangers on the track. It integrates with tunnel positioning system based on BLE beacons, enables interoperability between terminal units, and constitutes part of the IoT network. TCIDS highlights 3 key features: (1) the single-mode app scans the beacons and acts as a location-based reminder of threats ahead, preventing unauthorised trains from passing at danger; (2) the push notifications disseminate Active Notices from Traffic Controllers to Train Captains in real-time; and (3) notifications may attach diagrams, handbooks or other critical information as a handy reference, and redirect to the Track Familiarization App, linking short videos that guide to the track in question. By ensuring clear communication between Train Captains and Traffic Controllers, the app keeps any operational risks to a minimum. TCIDS has been tested effective in Tsuen Wan Line and will be extended to all MTR networks.