Open YPEC 2022

ON05 – Smart Safe Manual Train Movement System

Our total innovative solution is developed to combat vulnerability of human errors in depot shunting operations. It consists of Smart Watchdog System, the backend; and Train Crew Information Dissemination System (TCIDS), the frontend mobile application. The soul of the solution is the integration of legacy route setting systems with smart mobile interface, mitigating miscommunications in depot shunting operations. The Smart Watchdog is a breakthrough in depot operation, providing a safety aid for the conventional radio communication between train operators and Depot Control Centre. Computer vision techniques are utilized in video analytics on captured outputs from existing Man-Machine Interface. Artificial Intelligence is adopted for image recognition, identifying rail turnouts with corresponding statuses. Data training and object recognition are facilitated by pre-labelled datasets. Results logged are transformed into route set statuses via fuzzy logic. Furthermore, the analytical results are incorporated to user-friendly messages tailormade in TCIDS. Interactive elements are introduced to achieve effective communications, i.e., prompting reminders and acknowledgement requests to train operators. Overall, this implementation elevates staff awareness to promote operational safety. Ultimately, valuable operation data obtained could benefit in various ways, i.e., enhancing timetable planning, identifying train movement hotspots, positively influencing driving behavior, and optimizing resource allocation in maintenance.