Undergraduate YPEC 2021


BeGreener has designed a sustainable program for the convenience of the public to recycle disposable containers and encourage people to actively use reusable lunch boxes. To achieve our goal to eliminate all the disposable utensils in our market, we introduce our program from three different aspects. First, we will install our recycling machine at public spaces such as MTR station, student dorm or campus and release our rewards points mechanism to cultivate customers’ recycling habits. Secondly, we will release our special designed foldable disposable lunch boxes with assemblable utensil cover using eco-friendly materials. Finally, we expect ourselves to become the “Airbnb, Uber of Reusables” by offering the public lunch boxes sharing services, people no longer have to bring their own lunch boxes but still can enjoy a whole new experience on eco-friendly eating. Also, we will encourage people to use reusable lunch boxes to follow our rewarding system by using the NFC tags and lunch boxes we developed. By doing so, we hope to create a better tomorrow for our next generation and continue the legacy of the human society.