Undergraduate YPEC 2021

UG29-Smart Mirror for Salon

Several hours, whole afternoon and even takes up a day is the time budget for salon services. This project aims to develop contactless smart mirrors that can revolutionize the whole salon experience by providing entertainment and stylist reference to the customers through eye-tracking and artificial technology. During the treatment process, eye tracking applied on the smart mirror technology serves as their personal assistant to achieve entertainment purposes. Books, movies, social media browsing, news are presented right in front of the customers, controlled by the movement of eyeballs. Therefore, smart mirrors deliver the information and be their personal, digital assistant. If customers are confused about the hairstyle decision, customers can freely browse and get familiar with the upcoming procedures and also any other optional products and services. While hard-selling can be intimidating for customers among the beauty services, smart mirrors can achieve the same purposes from a soft selling perspective. To avoid the aggressive image of the salon, messages are conveyed in a subtle, non-pressure way to introduce hair products and optional services through smart mirror displays. Foreseeing the implementation of smart mirrors establish a time-saver assistant by adding a futuristic touch of digital optics with artificial intelligence interface.