Undergraduate YPEC 2021

UG28-One-step Photocatalysis Station

With the existing COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining good hygiene and sanitizing ourselves has become a habit. Realizing that a lot of people only pay attention to hand sanitization rather than personal belongings sanitization, which becomes an unidentified risk. We brainstorm on how we can create an innovation that will help to provide easy access to sanitizing. Hence, the project proposed aims to remind the users and passerby to sanitize their belongings and provide an easy-access sanitizing station. The main concept of the project is to set up stations in the form of a vending machine. The machine is to be equipped with a photocatalytic coating system that will disinfect the object placed inside it. A photocatalytic system is an air purification system that is environmentally friendly as it only requires light as its main energy source (He, Jeon, & Choi, 2021). The stations will be placed at accessible spots, such as universities, MTR stations, and malls. Before using our stations, users have to scan the QR Code given so that others can check which stations are available from our phone application.