Undergraduate YPEC 2021

UG24-Forward by words

“Forward by words” is a 3D mobile puzzle game. The game aims to provide two types of stage challenges and spell the English vocabulary in a fun experience. The mobile puzzle game in the market provides different gameplay to players, as a puzzle game can break the traditional gameplay. So, the game was decided to be a puzzle game. A simple and cute art style has been adopted in the game, purpose the players can feel stable. The sharper sound effect used in the game and hope the player could feel fresh by every action. “Forward by words” was developed on the Unity engine. The Unity engine is a popular engine with a thousand tutorials. Also, a photon networking is arranged for players play together They could play with their friends and share the custom stage. There are two types of stages, the default stage and the custom stage. The default stages exist around 100 above words that players can learn. The custom stages have a panel to create a list and add the string to them. In a multiplayer mode, a player’s custom stages can be shared when entering a new game scene, which is a turn-based mode in networking.