Undergraduate YPEC 2021

UG20-University RPG

The global pandemic has changed the learning mode for tertiary education from semi-online learning (University’s Portal + Physical lesson) to full online learning on zoom. Universities and firms have adopted studying and working from home to adapt to the pandemic. Despite the fact that online learning is working for many academically under such extreme circumstances, it has side effects especially socially such as that the bonding among students and professors is very weak and there are not many effective opportunities for students to expand their social circle. To solve these issues, we propose an idea to integrate social interaction to online learning to expand the range of virtual university from only being academic to having more social opportunities which is a 2D role-playing game combined with 3D virtual rooms and zoom classes.This game could be simulated with the university background. Both students and professors could first customize their own characters and then walk around the virtual school campus with a keyboard or touchpad on the phone. With this, students can chat in the virtual hallways and have more interaction with other students in 3D activity rooms, enabling students to have opportunities to interact with others while having lessons as well.