Undergraduate YPEC 2021

UG15-EYEDENTIFY: A mobile application for improving the self-esteem of dementia patients in their social life with machine learning

Due to the rapid growth of Dementia patients, some new mobile applications have been released to the market. However, those applications may not focus on the needs of Dementia patients. Most of them are provided for the Caretaker of the patient to monitor them or some games to slow down the disease progression. Since the social life quality of Dementia patients has been ignored, we decided to implement a mobile application to improve their social life by strengthening their self-dependence and confidence. Our solutions are formed by multiple applications of two recognition functions, facial recognition and object recognition, as well as other functions such as memoir and GPS location sharing. Facial recognition function can reduce the embarrassment when dementia patients forget who is standing in front of them. While the object recognition function helps others find lost belongings to reduce conflicts and arguments among dementia patients with others. The testing of our application shows a good performance in different functions respecting the accuracy of recognition and usability. Feedbacks are also received from respondents, which shows evidence that our solution is useful and truly improves their social life quality.