Undergraduate YPEC 2021

UG10-Jerkin Psalm

Jerkin Psalm gives a brand-new meaning to shopping clothes online. You can put on up-to-the-minute fashion items using extended reality technology—- without actually putting on them. So convenient is it that you can save your precious time for an important date, in your perfect outfit from Jerkin Psalm. Wonder if that bold crop top fits you? Changing styles to JK girls or 80’s extravagant attire? Just try on without getting embarrassed in boutiques. In view of Covid 19, this system can also prevent direct contact with the clothes to ensure hygiene level. Don’t need to worry about the size because the system will find you the best-fit item by detecting your body size. So you can just choose whatever you want to wear in little time. Not only can you try on the costume virtually, but also make the order directly from the shops, ranging widely from Uniqlo, H&M to Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. Online shopping is that simple and divine