Undergraduate YPEC 2021

UG08-Intelligent Scroll

Today, computer manufacturers are trying to enhance chip’s function to reduce the weight of computer. Actually, we can change its shape to make it more convenient and easier to carry. Intelligent scroll looks like the Chinese traditional scroll will redefine the personal computer of the future. It also has two shaft levers on two sides to fix the scroll screen.

In industrial design, we applied flexible OELD transparent scroll screen, Dolby surround sound and intelligent pencil (inside the shaft lever). Equipping with 30000mAh battery, the device endurance time can reach 35 hours.

In system interaction, the intelligent scroll will be equipped with Link OS system which can be compatible with Windows and Mac OS system. Specifically, in addition to traditional voice assistant, eye assistant can also be applied to control the scroll computer.

In smart future, we will apply the newest L1 processor chip which integrate GPU and CPU to minimize the space occupied by hardware. Intelligent scroll will adopt cloud computer model and use computing power in the cloud through 5G.

Intelligent scroll will mainly be used in the construction industry. Workers can use it to design, construct, check process and allocate resources.