Undergraduate YPEC 2021


ReHertz is an online conferencing tool for real-time music making and audio production collaboration. Our mission is to bring sounds together wherever and whenever with technology. The pandemic has made it difficult for people to make music together face-to-face. Many musical groups have resorted to practising online through video conferencing apps, but delays cause synchronisation problems. ReHertz solves this problem by synchronising audio streams and matching the sounds in phase. ReHertz synchronizes and processes multiple inputs in real time to help our users produce the best music by overcoming latency issues. Performers will first sing individually to the backing track, and the streams will be sent from their computers to the Conductor’s computer. ReHertz will then synchronize the streams from different performers and play it back to the conductor within 1-2s. The conductor could then set the synchronized stream as the backing track for the performers, allowing performers to sing along with the whole choir’s latest recording. This way, the performers can listen to other’s voices and sing in real-time even without high-speed internet connections, recreating the experience of group music making instead of only hearing their own voices, as with current software solutions, revolutionising online music collaboration.