Undergraduate YPEC 2021

UG03-Designing an Integrated Cloud Based System for Controlling and Monitoring Autonomous IoT Device

In today’s world, designing smart cities require multifaceted solutions for complex problems that require a lot of systems to work together in an integrated way – and that can be very difficult to conceptualise, let alone solve with the help of technology. This where the Internet of Things (IoT) and integrative systems with smart sensors have a vital role to play. However, one big pain point of creating these IoT systems is the smooth interaction between traditional processes and the technology innovation while having the human factors present. Keeping these in mind, this project is proposing a scalable, cloud-based multi-platform autonomous ecosystem that can monitor, control, assess and authenticate several devices with multiple sensors from both consumer and commercial end points. This is a multi-platform solution with a mobile app, a web admin portal as well as a proprietary embedded system that can bring multiple complex sensor data under one umbrella and let multiple stakeholders interact with them through simple, customisable human-centered interface designs. As a use case, this project will focus on designing proposed cloud-based platform customised for a wastewater treatment system however, this setup can be scaled further on for any multifaceted IoT device.