Secondary School YPEC 2021


Wheelchairs have evolved enormously since its invention. Nowadays, some wheelchairs can climb stairs or power themselves with photovoltaic panels. However, these amazing functions have not been combined to design a revolutionary wheelchair. Our design is named OPERA-Wheelchair, which refers to Optimus-Class Photovoltaic panels equipped Electric and Revolutionary Automatic Wheelchair. Making it more convenient and comfortable for the disabled to head out is not our only goal. Allowing them to feel empowered by this piece of advanced technology they are using is the other. Details of the wheelchair are presented in several ways. A 3D-model in CoSpaces Edu, an animation and a 1:30 3D-printed model are created to show different functions of the wheelchair which include the hydraulic pillar that allows elevation and demotion of the chair, a conveyor belt for transferring the user onto their bed and the continuous tracks on the wheels for climbing stairs. We are convinced that our design will be able to help the disabled and inspire future innovative designs of wheelchairs.