Secondary School YPEC 2021

SS07-Passengers Redirection Monitoring System

It is observed that transportation is crowded with numbers of people during rush hours. This project is developed based on the importance of passenger flow monitoring and is able to solve the issues of inefficient passenger flow and overcrowding . The system currently focuses on using thermal cameras on the carriages to direct the passengers. Array of cameras will be placed at the top corner of the cart, for monitoring. The camera will be contacted to a processor that processes real time thermal images, and be able to detect any object in the scanned area of the train, which includes the number of passengers or the amount of cargo like boxes or wheelchairs. With the numbers of objects obtained, the system will be able to infer the approximate load of each cart and to the train and hence estimate the remaining available spaces. By using three colours , the current remaining capacity of each cart is shown and allows the passengers to locate the most spacious cart to ride on.