Secondary School YPEC 2021

SS06-Auto-classification Recycle Bin

Our product aims to increase the environmental awareness of students and the public, and more importantly to urge people to take actions in garbage collection and waste reduction by recycling waste. To promote recycling, this system makes it easier by automatic waste classification. The system utilizes QRcode recognition technology to scan the QRcode on the object for identification purposes, then the recyclability information of the garbage stored in the QRcode of the wastes can be determined. In other words, only one trash can is needed for all garbage. This system will be first applied in primary and secondary schools, supporting all plastic bottles and aluminium cans sold within the campus. QRcodes will be applied on to products sold in the campus such that it is compatible with the system, where the collection side is implemented to replace the majority of the normal garbage bins. It is hoped that starting from small-scale recycling, the system can evolve and be promoted to the general society and update with this system, where recycling rate will rise and landfill saturation will drop. In such a way a city’s pollution problem can be alleviated. The final goal is to protect the Earth in the future.