Secondary School YPEC 2021

SS05-Smart lock system

There are many classrooms and special room in a school. When someone needs to hire the venue, the school has to manage lots of administrative tasks such as recording borrowing details like person, date, duration and purpose of hiring. Also, it demands human resource to handle and manage the process. Our system can reduce the consumption of human resources used to manage this process. When a student wants to hire a classroom or special room, the teacher can manage the process systematically and effectively by electronic database management. The teacher can assign a time slot for the students to use the venue by issuing a permission to unlock the door by an e-card system. Then, the students can open the door through the authorized e-card within specific timeslot. When the time is about to end, there will also be a short message for reminding student to leave. Since the electronic lock system keeps a log for the room entry at the same time, the information got from different venues inside the school may give a real time record of the students who are in school. It is particularly useful in after school, weekend and public holiday.