Secondary School YPEC 2021

SS02-Anti-bacterial crab bio-bandages with crab bio-dressings

Anti-bacterial crab bio-bandages and crab bio-dressings are bio-degradable as it took 42 days and a month for complete bio-degradation respectively. They are better than commercial bandages such as Nexcare Hydrocolloid as the disposal of anti-microbial crab bio-bandages with bio-dressings would no longer pose burden to landfilling. Anti-microbial crab bio-bandages with bio-dressings are anti-bacterial with degree of deacetylation of DD% 82.6% from FTIR (due to the presence of chitosan) even without the application of other anti-microbial agents and hence can provide complete protection of wounds from skin and soft tissues infections and haemostatic (due to the presence of chitosan). After testing and certification based on IS997:2004 and BS EN 13726-1, they met many requirements specified and should be eligible for marketing.