Secondary School YPEC 2021

SS01-Kombuchas from tannin-rich fruit skins as bio-disposables

The plastic pollution has affected globally for decades. Bio-disposables such as roasted kombucha (of fruit skins) cups and straws met many requirements specified in GB 18006-2008 and ISO18188:2016. No bacterial colonies were present in drinking water kept overnight in roasted kombucha cups or soaked with kombucha straws, so they are safe for serving as biodegradable disposables. The production cost for the production of roasted kombuchas using lemon skins was lower than that of orange skins as only 15 minutes were required for the roasting of lemon skins (cf. orange skins: 30 mins) at 120oC in increasing waterproofness and strength. Structural changes were investigated using FTIR.