Sub-Degree YPEC 2021

SD11-The Caneural

“The Caneural” is a multifunctional guide stick specially designed for the visually impaired. In recent years, although the Hong Kong government has been advocating the establishment of “barrier-free passages”, due to various factors, there are still many areas to be improved to achieve complete barrier-free access. In addition to providing auxiliary facilities for the external environment, technology can also improve the quality of life in the internal living environment for the visually impaired. Our project aims to improve white canes so that they can be more integrated into daily life. The walking stick is the eyes of the visually impaired, which detects and avoids obstacles and road differences. And the “The Caneural” we designed is a technically improved cane that can provide users with a more friendly and safer way. For example, for daily life, there are BPM, SPO2 readings and weather reports. For the travel, there are object reading and road slope feedback. In addition, for safety reasons, there are fall detection, pedestrian alerts, and an Android smartphone app for family members. “The Caneural” can promote the lives of the visually impaired so that they can integrate into society more quickly.