Sub-Degree YPEC 2021

SD10-IoH- Read Device (Intelligent Of Heath – Read Device)

With the continuous development of science and technology, we can easily buy and use electronic products, the main medium is the telephone. We can use it anywhere to read e-books, watch videos and play games etc.. In addition, under the current COV-19 epidemic, whether it is work or study, it will increase opportunity and time to come into contact with these electronic products because we need to study or work online. But, in our education, we rarely learn how to reading correctly such as sitting posture and reading distance. Due to the wrong use of electronic products, it is easy to suffer from some chronic diseases, such as tendinitis, intervertebral disc or myopia, etc. These injuries generally last a long time. Therefore, we need to create a head-mounted device that can improve reading habits, like detect the user’s sitting posture, environmental brightness, reading distance, etc., prompt the user with different prompts, or directly or indirectly change the environmental conditions to reduce some irreversible damage by wrong reading methods.