Sub-Degree YPEC 2021

SD04-Intellectual Traffic Monitoring and Analysis Platform

Hong Kong has been experiencing traffic problems and congestion in recent years, especially peak hours. This project is co-operated with ESHF I.T Solution Development Limited to develop a Big data platform for Hong Kong traffic flow analysis which is under the conceptual framework of Smart City for Hong Kong 2.0. The platform is aimed to consolidate real-time traffic data and illustrate to solve and provide suggestions for Hong Kong traffic issue. This is an innovative project to develop a dynamic platform for traffic monitoring. A series of cameras will be set up in highways, tunnels, and some regions that suffer traffic problems. The real-time traffic will be captured by creamers and an artificial intelligence model will label all vehicles and update the traffic monitoring dashboard. The dashboard will reflect statistic of real-time traffic, predict and alert the upcoming traffic flow and assist in understanding the Hong Kong traffic circumstance.