Sub-Degree YPEC 2021

SD03-Smart Transport Infrastructure: Real-time Adaptive Traffic Signal System with AI-based Video Analytics

Smart intersection plays a pivotal role for the intelligent transport systems in smart mobility which aims at solving the problem of uneven distribution of time to both pedestrians and vehicles and ‘smarter’ use of transport networks. Attention is given to the pedestrian crossings as they are one of the most dangerous places in the transport field. We propose to use artificial intelligence (A.I.) technologies to detect and count the vehicles and pedestrians approaching the crossroad. Our system manages to adaptively control the green light timing to facilitate instant traffic needs. If an ambulance is detected, our system automatically lengthens the green light timing to let the ambulance pass the crossroad quickly. If pedestrians are detected moving slowly or carrying pets crossing the crossroad, the pedestrian green light timing is lengthened. This allows reducing traffic accidents due to slow-moving persons or pedestrians carrying pets. Our system is also capable of detecting pedestrian who falls on the road area and acknowledges the traffic control center to handle it. The simulation results demonstrate that our system significantly reduces the vehicles and pedestrians waiting time compared to the pre-timed signal control and takes care of the need of the slow-moving pedestrians.