Postgraduate YPEC 2021

PG05-Organic e-fuel for Sustainable Green Vehicle Technology

Environmental concerns associated with fossil fuels have accelerated transformation of the global transportation system, from conventional vehicles to green vehicle technology. Different concepts of green vehicle technology have been proposed and developed. However, there is need to introduce new concepts or improve the existing concepts to facilitate development of safe, affordable, and high-performance green ‘electric’ vehicle. In this project an organic e-fuel is formulated, synthesized, and evaluated for application in green vehicle technology. Organic molecules are synthetically tuneable, allowing them to be tailored and modified to have a combination of all the required properties of a suitable e-fuel. The e-fuel is prepared from nature derived materials making it safe and environmental-friendly. Furthermore, the e-fuel is water soluble and employs a PH neutral aqueous supporting electrolyte that is non-flammable and non-corrosive. The unique e-fuel investigated in this study opens a novel pathway for designing and investigating organic molecules for application as e-fuel, to foster further advancement of green vehicle technology.