Postgraduate YPEC 2021

PG03-A Novel Energy-free and Environment-friendly Passive Radiative Cooling Paint for Building Energy Saving and Decarbonisation

This project aims to promote a novel energy-free and environment-friendly passive radiative cooling technology inspired by the Saharan Ant which uses the universe as the cooling source, and demonstrate a high-performance and low-cost passive radiative cooling paint (patented in HK) for building energy saving and decarbonization. The cooling paint, featuring the unmatched optical properties, is capable of effectively reflecting the sunlight and emitting the building’s thermal heat to the cold universe simultaneously. Credit to this dual effect, the building surface temperature can be reduced, relieving the energy consumption of building air-conditioning systems. More significantly, the efficiency and applicability of the cooling paint have been demonstrated in real building scenarios supported by CEDD and EMSD of the HKSAR government, in which at least 20 ⁰C of surface temperature reduction and ~8% of cooling energy saving could be achieved. Empowered by the previous achievements and rewards, including the success in Geneva inventions 2021 and other technological innovation competitions, we aspire to deliver remarkable environmental and social impacts by actively collaborating with various parties across the industries and obtaining public exposure. Our ultimate goal is to mitigate the environmental issues in Hong Kong, and facilitate the overall development of green buildings and sustainability.