Postgraduate YPEC 2021

PG02-A Method for Online Auditory Assessment and Therapy on Pattern Recognition under COVID-19 Pandemic

The global Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted our society in various ways. In consequence, healthcare services with a face-to-face setting are forced to search for a new mean of delivery in order to ensure the safety of client and provider. A remote acoustic control method is proposed for health services involving auditory assessment and therapy through online conferencing software. Different video conferencing softwares have different sound responses as well as other limitations. The user’s computers also have its variation in the sound performance. These restrictions affect the use of this online platform to deliver health services required accurate, reliable and repeatable sound. In this project, a low cost processor is used to design the platform such that service providers could remotely play the desired audio files on the client’s side without suffering from the loss of sound in terms of frequency range and loudness due to the video-conferencing software. Experimental results show that this remote control of audio playback can be realized with a low cost processor called microcontroller unit (MCU) based on pattern recognition on client incoming audio frequency and it is able to deliver the audio files accurately in terms of frequency and amplitude.