Postgraduate YPEC 2021

PG01-Development of Thin Thermal Ground Planes for Electronic Cooling

A novel thermal ground plane has been developed and experimental studies on thermal ground planes (TGPs) for thermal management have been carried out.

TGP used in this paper features a copper casing, circular micropillars, and oxidized nanostructure copper foam wick structure, with water as working fluid. By studying the effect on thermal performance by the number of layers of porous wick structure of TGP, surface modification for a nanostructure-owning property of the copper wick structure and topper casing of different wettability. It is found that TGP with double layers of nanostructured copper foam wick structure and hydrophilic casing shows the best thermal performance among all the tested samples. A novel finding is that a double-layer wick structure with the same thickness owns a better thermal performance than a single-layer or quadruple-layer. Nanostructured wick structure also shows significant improvement from this project. Hydrophilic topper casing is superior to superhydrophobic/ superhydrophilic/ hydrophilic topper casing in axial heat transfer of the TGP.

Thermal management helps improve reliability and prevent premature failure and solve the barrier of energy-intensive electronics. Through the use of environmental-friendly materials, TGP improves energy efficiency for a sustainable digital world.