Open YPEC 2021

ON09-Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Accident Prevention System for Escalators

In past 2 years, an average of 70% passenger accidents in MTR network were related to escalators, while about 60% of them were related to passenger behaviours including losing balance, carrying bulky objects and influence by alcohol. “AI-based accident prevention system for escalator” aims to identify high-risk passengers, predict passengers’ behaviour and trigger alert to safeguard passengers using escalators in MTR stations. The system utilizes Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors to detect speed and volume profiling of passengers under crowd with privacy guarantee. The AI algorithm identifies characteristics of passengers and predicts path when high-risk passengers intending to use escalators instead of lifts after passing entrance gates. The system will initiate relevant public address announcement together with visual alert message to remind these passengers to use lifts. Instant message will be sent to station operators to provide timely assistance. This system would also educate public to adopt safer behaviour when using escalators. The big data collected would also introduce value-added feature on passengers’ flow pattern and behaviour for crowd control. System functional test has been completed in Choi Hung Station (Pilot Site) with satisfactory results. System fine tuning is in progress. Trial operation would be conducted in November 2021.