Open YPEC 2021

ON05-Smart Air Quality (SAQ) Monitoring System

The Smart Air Quality (SAQ) Monitoring System is a breakthrough solution designed for efficient environmental monitoring in the railway industry. It operates with various types of LoRa sensors measuring multiples parameters, including temperate, humidity, CO2 and NO2 with the customization alarm of measured parameters. This system adopts the plug-and-go operation of sensors, in which registered sensors connect to the LoRa network whenever they are on. Thus, it provides a high level of flexibility and scalability of installation in brownfield with the benefits of LoRa wireless technology – long-range and low power.

For efficient analysis of collected data, a visualization tool, including a dashboard, heatmap, and indicators, is created for users to remotely view the real-time data. Based on the data collected, correlations between the air quality data and surrounding variables can be identified and insights can be generated, e.g. platform temperature and patronage. The more diverse data collected, the more comprehensive analysis can be achieved. Therefore, responsible parties can ride on the identified trends and work on the follow-up action(s).

Overall speaking, we can obtain more comprehensive environmental data, raise staff and customers’ awareness of air quality, and ultimately enhance the air quality condition and public health in MTR premises.