Undergraduate YPEC 2020

UG10 – A Chinese Character Training Mobile Application for Dyslexia Children through Machine Learning and Augmented Reality

This report describes a study to the usefulness of implementing and integrating machine learning and augmented reality towards dyslexia children education. Dyslexia is a reading and writing disorder, children who suffer from dyslexia require extra effort to understand each word, and it may lead to higher frustration in the learning process. The aim of this project is to encourage and help dyslexia children to learn Chinese characters in a self-directed way through gamification of training exercise and machine learning. There are three major components in our solution which applied augmented reality and machine learning. The augmented reality part is implemented in a scramble-puzzle game component; the machine learning part is implemented in a Chinese character recognition component through mobile camera input and a handwriting training exercise component. The study will then evaluate the result of the implementation of our solution. The performance evaluation got a satisfactory result to our application performance. The user evaluation indicates that machine learning and augmented reality are suitable for dyslexia educational purposes and somehow motivated the dyslexia children to learn.